Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award

Established in 1983, the TAPPI Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor the Association can bestow upon an individual for exemplary leadership that has significantly contributed to the advancement of the Association.

Herman L. Joachim was a TAPPI member for more than seventy years. He joined TAPPI while working as a chemist at the Bogalusa Paper Company in Louisiana. Later he managed paper mills throughout the United States and was responsible for expansions and modernizations in the industry. He also enjoyed a successful career as an engineering consultant.

In 1994, Herman L. Joachim’s gift of $500,000 was used to establish the Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award Fund. Since that time the Award has been accompanied by a cash honorarium worth 5% of the fund, which in recent years has been between $50,000 - $70,000.

Nominations are due by August 1 each year for the award to be presented the following calendar year. 

Nomination Form (Fillable PDF Download) 

The complete nomination and selection procedure is fully outlined in our Honors Manual.  The manual also provides information on additional awards and other forms of recognition.

 2018 Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award Winner 

TAPPI is pleased to announce that Jeff Reese has been named winner of the prominent Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award. Mr. Reese works for International Paper at its Cincinnati Technology Center as Manager – Paper Solutions, responsible for Paper PRO assessments to utilize cross-functional teams of subject matter experts from IP and suppliers to identify significant papermaking cost-saving opportunities, including a recent study at Herman Joachim’s original mill in Bogalusa, LA. Jeff has been a TAPPI Member for more than 32 years

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Previous Winners 

  • 1983 Harris O. Ware
  • 1984 Charles W. Cairns
  • 1985 Robert W. Hagemeyer
  • 1986 John N. McGovern
  • 1987 William O. Kroeschell
  • 1988 M. John Osborne
  • 1989 James P. McNamee
  • 1990 William H. Griggs
  • 1991 Ray S. Bender
  • 1992 Michael J. Kocurek
  • 1993 James M. Tucker, Jr.
  • 1994 Charles P. Klass
  • 1995 William S. Fuller
  • 1996 Paul W. Magnabosco
  • 1997 John D. Callahan
  • 1999 F. Keith Hall
  • 2000 David J. Bentley, Jr.
  • 2001 Harry T. Cullinan Jr.

  • 2002 Dale R. Dill
  • 2003 W. B. A. (Sandy) Sharp
  • 2004 Richard G. Barker
  • 2005 David E. Peakes
  • 2006 David A. Carlson
  • 2007 Michael D. Wallace
  • 2008 Barre Mitchell
  • 2009 James C. Abbott
  • 2010 Willis J. Potts, Jr.
  • 2011 Peter D. Wallace
  • 2012 Phil Jones
  • 2013 Robert B. Kinstrey
  • 2014 Hardev S. (Doug) Dugal
  • 2015 Jonathan C. Kerr
  • 2016 Mahendra Doshi
  • 2017 Thomas Rodencal
  • 2018 Jeff Reese

2018 Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award

Renowned honor recognizes ongoing Association contributions

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